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Assistance with Covid-19 prevention equipment from Motivator-GT

BNPB statistical data (June 19, 2020) showed that South Sulawesi Province had 3,573 cases, which is in the third highest number of positive covid-19 cases in Indonesia..

Covid-19 Prevention Posters

In order to restrict the current spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in accordance with t health protocols from WHO and BNPB, EMS and BftW via Motivator-GT provided assistance in the form of 10,800 masks, 490 bars of hand soap, 85 bottles of soap, 100 water buckets and 225 posters about Covid-19 prevention.

This assistance was donated to the target villages of Motivator-GT in Tana Toraja, North Toraja and East Luwu in South Sulawesi and Central Mamuju and Mamasa in West Sulawesi. Delivery of the equipment was carried out directly via at the village offices in each of the target villages.

Buckets for hand washing

Imanuel Sambira, Head of the village of To’pao, in Rembon sub-district, Tana Toraja said, “We greatly appreciate the cooperation of Motivator-GT here in To’pao. It has been made possible thanks to the synergy that exists and has provided help and encouragement for us to fight the Covid-19 pandemic together”.

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