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Collaboration on Heroes Day

The Community Development Motivator Foundation (MPM) on November 10 2022 in the dean's room of the Faculty of Agriculture, Hasanuddin University, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Faculty of Agriculture UNHAS in a program called "Adaptation to Climate Change, Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction" and includes several work, namely (1) Preparing research technical guidelines that are adaptive to climate change; (2) organic-based research farmer training;

(3) Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of adaptive cultivation practices on the land of farmers or farmer group farmers participating in climate field schools; and (4) Publishing scientific journals, books and brochures on behalf of the two Institutions. This collaboration will last until December 2025 and is a continuation of the collaboration that has been carried out since 2017.

Through this collaboration, research farmers who have been assisted by MPM in several assisted villages have direct access to professors at the UNHAS Faculty of Agriculture. This access will be the best opportunity to increase resilience to the negative impacts of climate change.

In his remarks the Team Leader from UNHAS, Prof.Dr.Ir.Kaimuddin, M.Sc, conveyed the results that had been achieved in collaboration with MPM, namely

publication of two books whose patents are held by MPM, 9 scientific journals, measurable compost compositions, pesticides whose patents are being processed, and others. "With this collaboration, university institutions will no longer be seen as untouched ivory towers but will become water towers whose presence is felt by farmers," he continued.

Meanwhile, the Director of MPM, Ruth Tandi Ramba, in her remarks expressed her hope that the collaboration between MPM and the Faculty of Agriculture would become a seed that would grow into a shady tree where small farmers could take shelter from the hot sun, take shelter from heavy rain, and take shelter from the heat. earth temperature. This expression was conveyed as a reflection of the phenomenon of climate change which has had a negative impact on the agricultural sector, especially on small farmers.

Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, UNHAS, Prof. Dr. Ir. Salengke, M.Sc., expressed his deepest gratitude and appreciation for the opportunity given by MPM to the Institute he leads to work with farmers and even gave opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students to conduct research which was the student's final assignment. "The Faculty of Agriculture has 16 professors who are ready

mobilized to help MPM if needed," said Prof. Salenge. Another offer is in the form of an invitation to cooperate to access Kedaireka funds, a platform launched by the Ministry of Education and Culture as a platform

collaboration between universities and the business world or social organizations.

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