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The Motivator-GT Training Centre at Kondoran was established by the Toraja Church in 1983 to increase participation in community development. The original Motivator concept is still in operation today. Motivator staff are recruited from, and located in, villages (or sub-centres) and are delegated by churches who are members of PGI (Indonesian Communion of Churches).

Since its inception, the Toraja Church's Motivator Training Centre has trained hundreds of Motivators, who come from five PGIW member churches, namely: -GEPSULTRA, -GKSS, GTM, GPIL, and the Toraja Church itself. After attending training, most of them returned to their own church. However, some were selected for advanced training for 1 month and then placed in a village as a Motivator. Motivator-GT Training Centre has welcomed delegates from GKI Tarakan and from Pentecostal and Catholic Churches.

Motivator-GT not only recruits participants placed in the village as Motivator staff but also provides training on:

  1. Church officials from the leadership of the Toraja Church OIG (Pengurus PWGT Klasis, PPGT Klasis, SM / KM Klasis and Church Majelis)

  2. STT Rantepao Semester VI - IX

  3. STT Intim Makassar Program D.3

  4. Toraja Church Institute participants

The material provided in this training is concerned with the economic improvement of the church.

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